Henrico Schools to host job fair Sept. 13

Leonardo Rasaki
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Henrico County Public Schools officials are still trying to fill a number of vacancies in the school system and will host a job fair Sept. 13 to meet with prospective candidates.

The event will be held at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center, 1440 North Laburnum Avenue, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The school division is seeking candidates for bus drivers, nutrition services staff members and temporary instructional assistants.

Those who are interested but can’t attend may call the HCPS Human Resources Department at (804) 652-3664. Interested candidates also may view benefits and apply ahead of time at www.henricoschools.us/careers.

The school division is offering newly hired bus drivers a bonus of up to $3,000, paid in installments throughout the year, when they join the transportation team. HCPS also has offered new safe driver and attendance incentives to drivers already on staff. Extended full-time contracts for up to 219 days are available for candidates interested in working during the summer.

Qualified driver candidates will be paid as they train.

Candidates for full-time and substitute bus drivers must: be at least 21 years old; have a valid Virginia driver’s license; be able to obtain a CDL Class B instructional permit or hold a CDL Class B license with endorsements in P (Transporting Passengers)/S (School Bus) and airbrakes; pass a physical and a drug test.

For details, call the HCPS Human Resources Department at (804) 652-3664.

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